Links to all my CC. Deleted posts from Tumblr.

Since everyting on tumblr got deleted I’m not gonna trust it anymore. I will post updates there and post my links here and see how it goes. I’m just really sad right now because I love tumblr.

1. Kindness skin

This is my latest release. My newest skin.

KindnessBody KindnessSkinFace1

Please download here

2. SuperEyes


The latest eyes I made. Please download them here

3. Loyal Skin



Please download this skin here

4. Model Skin


Please download the skin here

5. Fierce Skin


Please download the skin here

6. Super Skin V2


Download skin here

7. Super Skin V1


Last CC!

Download here

27 responses to “Links to all my CC. Deleted posts from Tumblr.

  1. Hi there, I’m sorry that your tumblr got all wrong and hope it’ll be better from now on. Hate to add more to your problems but there is no download link for Kindness Skin (the word ‘here’ does not redirect to the download page).

    Anyway, I wish you all the best and hope for more great creations.


    • I’ve updated the link now. Thank you for letting me know! This has been a perfect day for me! Thank you for your sweet words. Makes everything a little bit better. Hugs


      • Sorry to still asking you about this skin, but it looks so nice while I am still unable to use it in my game 😦 I honestly don’t know what’s the reason for that, and I am even more puzzled since it seems like it’s working for others. I don’t have it in skin details nor anywhere else.

        Sorry once again and I wish all the best for you.


      • I don’t understand. I did update the package and everything. Try and delete my skins feom the game if you have any of them. Just drag them into another folder. Then update the game and add them in. Or if you do not need to update just try adding them in again. I really don’t know. 😦


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  6. Hi! i read in your tumblr that post what say you redoing some skins, given more details or something, is that true? among them will be “kindness”? Sorry for my horrible english, I’m still learning 😦


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