Joyful Skin


Here I am. Releasing skin after skin after skin. Do you think they all look the same? They don’t as far as I can tell.  I’ll upload all the skins next to eachother with the same model tomorrow.  I love this skin though. The difference isn’t huge between this one and the kindness skin. The difference is the eyes.  I’ve named if joyful because of the shape of the eyes in the texture I made. Smiling eyes.




This is a skin overlay as always. I will try to do a deafault skin soon. It’s avaliable for females and males even though I have not shown any male models.

Let me know if you have any questions or problems or if you want / need something from me. I love to help. Always!

  1. Do not claim as your own
  2. Do not use texture in skin blends


Skin S4Models

Eyes by S4Models

Hair by NewSeaSims

Eyebrows 1&3 Model by S-Club

Eyebrows 2 Model by Athymhormia

Big hugs!

5 responses to “Joyful Skin

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  2. Probably a very silly question, but where in CAS do I find the skins? I absolutely love these, but have no clue where they are at. Thank you!


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