Brilliant Skin



Brilliant… Brilliant!! That’s my next name for my next skin. It’s never a thought behind my names ( i’m sorry!). I simply just pick something that I like. Someone brilliant, something brilliant, so why not brilliant. There is no logic and it’s very comfusing, but in all honesty so am I.

Here is my new skin, which I would like to call a face skin with some nipples and a …… you know, because it’s all the sims 4 shading ( which people seem you prefer (SAD FACE) )



Hair by missparaply

Eyes by S4Models

Bra by Haut Fashion Sims

Shoes by Madlen

It’s for both female and male sims and you can change the nipples etc to match.

I’m sorry pose creators but it’s so hard to keep track of who made what poses sometimes. I do love your poses whoever you are




Eyes by S4Models

Hair by Stealthic

41 responses to “Brilliant Skin

      • It’s working now. I love making skins but it takes up alot of time and I do not get paid in any way or make people donate or pay. All you have to do is wait a miture or so for an ad to pass, please remember that I’m a human. The link should work now anyways ^^

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  2. Hi !
    Links for the skin and the eyes doesn’t work anymore, can you please re-upload them ? πŸ™‚ Thanks a lot for sharing your custom content ❀


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    • Well it does but there is not a tumbnail for in or even a chance to press on it in the teenage mode. YOu have to age up the sim, put the skin on and then age the sim down again and the skin will stay on. ^^


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