Rita Arnoni: Collaboration between Missparaply and S4Models

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RitaSkinDoneRitaEyes BetterSwatches RitaEyebrows Done RITAKJOL1

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I’ve always been a big fan of Missparaply and the CC she creates and that is why I’m over the moon to present this collaboration. I contacted Missparaply about creating something together and this sweet person kindly accepted. We decided to do a sim together with all the CC a sim must have.

You can Download her here: Dropbox / MediaFire 

Please do remember to give Missparaply the love she deserves as I’m adding her CC in this zipfile as well. You will get all the trayfiles / outfits / makeup / hair / eyes / skin in the zipfile. It’s a big file and that is why I will list all the CC seperately below for people that just wants to download something specific.

Thank you missparaply for this collaboration! It’s been so much fun!

  1. Rita Skin by S4Models DOWNLOAD
  2. Rita Eyes by S4Models DOWNLOAD
  3. Rita Eyebrows By S4Models DOWNLOAD
  4. Rita FaceShine & Lipstick by S4Models DOWNLOAD
  5. Rita Eyeshadow by MissParaply DOWNLOAD
  6. Rita Skirt by S4Models DOWNLOAD
  7. Rita Blazer by MissParaply DOWNLOAD
  8. Rita Accessory Bralette by MissParaply DOWNLOAD
  9. Rita Accessory T-Shirt by MissParaply DOWNLOAD
  10. Rita Shorts by MissParaply DOWNLOAD
  11. Rita Shoes by Missparaply DOWNLOAD
  12. Rita Button Shirt by MissParaply DOWNLOAD 
  13. Rita Accessory Tank  by MissParaply DOWNLOAD
  14. Rita Skysims Hair Retexture by MissParaply DOWNLOAD
  15. Rita NewSea Hair Retexture by MissParaply DOWNLOAD

8 responses to “Rita Arnoni: Collaboration between Missparaply and S4Models

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  3. i have been trying to download these ccs for so long it just wont work can you help please, i had all of these things before and they worked perfectly however now when i download the cc it shows up on my main menu on sims however is CAS things such as the faceshine or the eyes or makeup just will not show up, i have been trying for several hours i have even re dwnloaded the entire game


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