Winner of S4ModelsContest4






Picking a winner is always such a hard task and I always ask my friends to help me in real life, because they do not have any connection to anyone entering. My best friend in RL choose  Auróra Ísadóra! 

I loved all of the enteries very much, thank you so much for entering the contest! 

[ Her name is Auróra Ísadóra, 23 from Iceland. She moved to NYC at 17 to pursue her dream of becoming a special effects makeup artist and she has been starving ever since living in her tiny apartment downtown. At the moment, except from freelansing she’s working on the side as a nude poser for arts and as a mermaid entertainer (yes a mermaid, it’s amazing). Every dollar she makes she spends on wierd costumes, makeup, glittery stuff, art and sushi.

 This girl loves second hand, the smell of old books and jazz. She never leaves the house without her polaroid camera in her purse, some odd chunky heels on and her lucky Islandic keychain. She’s fierce, wierd, colorful and happy. ]

It was so much fun reading all of the stories and seeing photos in my head for the different sims. I really like the mermaid idea for this one. I downloaded a whole set of mermaid gear HERE, but it was so much harder to create a good photo. I thought that is was going to be easy peasy but I could not get the right angles for the photo to be good.. :/

Instead of going totally nude on one of  Auróras shoots I had her wear this wonderfulset of underwear by @missparaply

I styled her with this hair and she looked absolutely smexy.

AUrora enjoys customes and makeup so I decided that she wanted to dress up as a ballerina for her next shoot.

Beautiful poses by @flowerchamber!

Auróra Ísadóra, welcome to the S4models family. You will be showing us the next release from S4Models, new eyes! 

Thank you all of you who entered. I would love to use your models in upcoming releases, please message me if you are intrestead. 

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