Rita Arnoni: Collaboration between Missparaply and S4Models

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RitaSkinDoneRitaEyes BetterSwatches RitaEyebrows Done RITAKJOL1

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I’ve always been a big fan of Missparaply and the CC she creates and that is why I’m over the moon to present this collaboration. I contacted Missparaply about creating something together and this sweet person kindly accepted. We decided to do a sim together with all the CC a sim must have.

You can Download her here: Dropbox / MediaFire 

Please do remember to give Missparaply the love she deserves as I’m adding her CC in this zipfile as well. You will get all the trayfiles / outfits / makeup / hair / eyes / skin in the zipfile. It’s a big file and that is why I will list all the CC seperately below for people that just wants to download something specific.

Thank you missparaply for this collaboration! It’s been so much fun!

  1. Rita Skin by S4Models DOWNLOAD
  2. Rita Eyes by S4Models DOWNLOAD
  3. Rita Eyebrows By S4Models DOWNLOAD
  4. Rita FaceShine & Lipstick by S4Models DOWNLOAD
  5. Rita Eyeshadow by MissParaply DOWNLOAD
  6. Rita Skirt by S4Models DOWNLOAD
  7. Rita Blazer by MissParaply DOWNLOAD
  8. Rita Accessory Bralette by MissParaply DOWNLOAD
  9. Rita Accessory T-Shirt by MissParaply DOWNLOAD
  10. Rita Shorts by MissParaply DOWNLOAD
  11. Rita Shoes by Missparaply DOWNLOAD
  12. Rita Button Shirt by MissParaply DOWNLOAD 
  13. Rita Accessory Tank  by MissParaply DOWNLOAD
  14. Rita Skysims Hair Retexture by MissParaply DOWNLOAD
  15. Rita NewSea Hair Retexture by MissParaply DOWNLOAD

Lerona Crocetti

  Hi again! This is Lerona. She’s super bright and confident. LeronaCrocettiClose1Done

LeronaCrocettiClose2Done LeronaCrocetti1Done

Skin: Lerona Skin by S4models ( in zip )

Eyes: Megaeyes by S4Models ( in zip )

Lipgloss: Shine Sister lipgloss by S4models ( in zip )

Hair:  Sanctuary by stealthic

Eyeslashes: 3D lashes by kijiko

Eyebrows: by Athynhormia

Flowers: by JenniSims

Dress: by Marigold

Shoes: by Sentate


You can download lerona in the gallery under origin id:HannahBobbo OR her tray files with MY mods  ( you will have to download all the mods to have her show up as in the pictures above )

Dropbox / Mediafire

* let me know if it does not work* 

Lenora Skin

Hi! It’s been a long time since I released anything. I’ve been with my family celebrating easter and it’s been so lovely!

Today I’m going to release a new skin * suprise suprise * and tomorrow i’m going to release two sim models! * wiiiieee*

Male4Done Male3Done Male2Done minileonaskin MenoraLeonaSkin RachelleLeonaSkin EshaLeonaSkin

The skin is non-default and it’s:

  • Found under skin detalis ( freckles etc) with a custom thumbnail
  • Suited for both male and female sims

I hope you liked that I did headshots of the skin instead of a fullbody shot. The body is the same as my previous skins.

  1. Lenora Skin  Mediafire / Dropbox
  2. MegaEyes by S4models 
  3. Eyebrows Male by S-Club
  4. Eyebrows Female by S-club
  5. Hair Female by Skysims  and retextured by Missparaply 
  6. Hair Male by EA converted by Ice Cream for Breakfast

Lbakeryx Skin! Second skin from the S4modelcontest


Models ( left to right )

  • Esha by yeying1226
  • Clara by Lbakeryx
  • Rachelle by JennySims
  • Leonore by my dear rl friend
  • Maria by me ( let me know if I should put her up for download )


( I’m not really sure how to use dropbox so let me know if the link does not work! )


Models ( left to right )

  • Zachary by me ( Origin: HannahBobbo)
  • Agustus by me
  • Davin by Lbakeryx
  • Tiko by me
  • Leon by me


( I’m not really sure how to use dropbox so let me know if the link does not work! )


This skin is the second skin for one of the winners of the s4modelscontest2, congrats Lbakeryx for winning!

She wanted the base of memory skin with the lips of envy skin and she wanted to bring back some body details. ( I took them away because no one liked them ) This is why I added the very NSFW photos of new body details. The boobs were always there but Lbakeryx requested that I brought back the butt details, collarbones and some lady shading.. so that is what I did! I hope you like the skin!




( I’m not really sure how to use dropbox so let me know if the link does not work! )

JennySkin – Contest Winner Skin 1


Models ( left to right):

1. Elu Cardinal by propersims,

2. Jessica by me,

3. Rachelle by JennySims( winner ),

4. Joanna by  me,

5. No name by indie-sims 



Models ( left to right):

1. Viggo by heartbeatsims? I cannot find their  tumblr

2. Tristan by idiotalarm

3. Davin Rascal  by lbakeryx (winner)

4. Alec Colonomus by propersims

5. No name by indie-sims 


JennySkinMale1 JennyDavin2done




Precious Skin

PreciousSkinFemale1 Models ( from left to right): No name by sim4maker, Alesha Edwards by Lbakeryx, Rachelle Campbell by JennySims ( winner ), Cant fint the name by idiotalarm  PreciousSkinFemale2 Models: ( left to right) 1. Kayla Carr by Ellesmea, 2.Esha Patil by yeying1226, 3. Mona Eubank by tealourry, 4. Sarah Mitchel by isbjoornegirl PreciousSkinMale Models ( left to right) 1. Viggo by heartbeatsims ( cannot find the tumblr :'(), Davin Rascal by lbakeryx (winner), Can’t find the name by idiotalarm

Oh i’ve been so busy but now I’m back and I think you can expect SO many releases from me, at least three skins in 2 days! This is the first one.

Skin download ( wait 5 seconds )

The rest of the CC will be updates soon!