LoyalSkin V2- Asian

LoyalV2AsianBody LoyalV2ASianFace

Hola amigos!

I have been seeing alot of asian inspired skins coming out and I just had to jump on the trend. I’ve added some asian lovelyness to loyal skin.  There is a huuuuge different with this skin though because it’s just a face skin. Of course you have the nipples and.. you know, but the rest is just the sims shading.  I hope this was the right choice. I had a lot of people not liking the body I created so I took it away ( R.I.P painted body )

I hope you like this one.

Alot of hugs!


Skin here

11 responses to “LoyalSkin V2- Asian

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  2. I really, REALLY like this skin. It’s quickly become one of my favorites for the game. I do strongly prefer the shading on the body over the painting you’ve done on previous versions. Well done and thank you for sharing!

    And I have to ask! Do you plan on updating the textures of the original Loyal Skin to match these ones? I’d love to have a non-asian version of this. If not, would you please consider it? Either way, keep up the great work! 🙂

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    • Hiii! Thank you… I think? hahaaha. Yes I will update all the old skins I think but first I will release my new skins ( i got 2 ) that is only a ” face ” skin as well. After that I will begin to update I think. I will take alot of work though. Thank you ^^


  3. This is great, I was having trouble trying to make asian sims with the envy skin. May I ask where I can download the lingerie?


  4. I really like this skin…I maked an sims about this..and it works perfectly!!
    I love your Skins I previously download some of them and their awesome…And yes i follow,you..and miss paraply she’s my favourite hair retexturer..AKA Leona!!! I adore both of your costum content ♥


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