Skysims-Hair-084 Retexture by S4Models


coulour28-33Done coulour23-28Done coulour17-22Done coulour11-16Done coulour6-10Done coulour1-5Done

Download MESH FIRST, you need it!


6 responses to “Skysims-Hair-084 Retexture by S4Models

  1. Hi, I love the hair so much! Gorgeous recolors. I was also wondering the skin and actually the whole sim. She might just be the most beautiful one that I’ve ever seen. I really hope you upload her.


    • Hi Fiona! Thank you! Actually the sim is not made by me it’s made by littlebigshortie ( you can find her on tumblr ). She makes the most amazing sims and this is her base sim. I just added my skin on top ( which is not out yet ). When I release the skin I will add a link for the sim download aswell but you could already get the sim now tho but with a different skin. Hugs!


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