Mega Eyes by S4Models

MegaEyes1 MegaEyes2

I’ve been working on some new eyes that I wanted to share with you today.  I’m also using one of the models who entered the contest I hosted. Her name is Rachel Patterson and she is made by Miss Spirit. Thank you! She’s so cute ^^

This picture also feauters my new custom skin that I made for yeying and she’s agreed to release it. It will be up soon.

Download Eyes

Hair ( I did rexture it, but the the original texture + mesh hereby by Kiara Zurk

Eyebrows by S-club

Lipstick by S4Models

24 responses to “Mega Eyes by S4Models

  1. Hi , those eyes are seriously amazing. But is there a way that you could create another file to place them in the eyes section ? (i mean, where we choose eyes color..) because i have other thing on the facepaint category that i would like to use with your eyes 😦


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  4. When I try to download them, it says that there are to many redirects. I really want to download them because their so pretty ❤


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