Lerona Crocetti

  Hi again! This is Lerona. She’s super bright and confident. LeronaCrocettiClose1Done

LeronaCrocettiClose2Done LeronaCrocetti1Done

Skin: Lerona Skin by S4models ( in zip )

Eyes: Megaeyes by S4Models ( in zip )

Lipgloss: Shine Sister lipgloss by S4models ( in zip )

Hair:  Sanctuary by stealthic

Eyeslashes: 3D lashes by kijiko

Eyebrows: by Athynhormia

Flowers: by JenniSims

Dress: by Marigold

Shoes: by Sentate


You can download lerona in the gallery under origin id:HannahBobbo OR her tray files with MY mods  ( you will have to download all the mods to have her show up as in the pictures above )

Dropbox / Mediafire

* let me know if it does not work* 

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