Softness Skin + Female Model Marianne



SkinFemaleFace4Makeu23pMale SkinFemaleFace4MakeupDone

Hi lovely people! This is a new skin that i’m bringing out. The special thing about this thing is that there is four different type of shadows that you can choose from. It’s for both females and males and works from teen to elder.  The files are seperate for male and women because I didn’t want to have too many swatches, so make sure you download them both if you want it for both genders.

You will also be able to download my beautiful sim model Marianne, whom is shown in the pictues above. The rar file includes the CC made by me. The rest you will have to download.

Monster Collection + Model contest 3 winner!


This collection was created together with the lovely jaxymonster. She came with the ideas and I created the CC. Her style is very unique and cool and she wanted alot of dark toned shadows and lipsticks / glosses. I added in some neautrals as well.  I really love the dark lip and dark eye.  The model in the photos is the winner in my laster model contest and it is the same model in all of the photos.  Thank you jaxymonster for your collab!

Maria Guérin

Maria3done Mariadone1


Hello! I’m very happy to release Maria since she’s been higly requested by so many people. I’m sorry that i’ve been slow I just needed a sims break for a while.


Skin / Eyes / Eyebrows / Hair


Eyeshadow / Eyelashes / Lipstick / Teeth / Face Shine


Earings / Jacket / Skirt / Tanktop / Shoes 

Trayfiles : Mediafire / Dropbox

or the gallery: HannahBobbo

Thank you all creators ❤